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Radio Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating radio equipment. Communicates with public, airplanes, ships, oil rigs, or other remote operations. Adjusts voice volume and sets transmitters to certain frequencies.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Communicate with people on remote operations, including aircraft, mining, and offshore oil rigs.
  • Broadcast weather or traffic conditions.
  • Receive and transmit communications.
  • Use radiotelegraph or radiotelephone equipment.
  • Clean, repair, and store equipment.
  • Test equipment to ensure its functioning properly.
  • Install, operate, and monitor radio equipment.
  • Report violations regarding radio communications.
  • Interpret coded messages and emergency signals.
  • Record signals for intelligence personnel analysis.
  • Determine where signals originate.
  • Participate during military field exercises.
  • Exchange transmission instructions with receiving operators.
  • Monitor emergency frequencies and respond to calls or distress.
  • Activate power and adjust voice volume.
  • Utilize GPS and other direction-finding equipment.
  • Dispatch emergency personnel.
  • Remain familiar with Federal Aviation Authority regulations regarding radio communications.