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Rail Yard Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for driving trains and ensuring passengers and freight arrive safely and on schedule. Works brakes and switches.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Drive trains between stations.
  • Move trains around a rail yard.
  • Check the mechanical condition of locomotives and make adjustments when necessary.
  • Document issues with train.
  • Order inspections for train.
  • Operate locomotive engines.
  • Move tons of goods around the country to ports.
  • Transport passengers and commuters to destinations.
  • Keep freight and passenger trains running properly.
  • Travel with conductors and brake operators.
  • Work with conductor to remain informed about condition of train.
  • Drive diesel-electric engines.
  • Check condition of rails.
  • Monitor speed, air pressure, battery use, and other instruments to ensure that the locomotive runs smoothly.
  • Use throttles and brakes to operate train.
  • Communicate with dispatchers over radios to get information about delays or changes in the schedule.
  • Move locomotives between tracks.
  • Operate small dickeys.
  • Drive locomotives to and from maintenance shops.