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Revenue Agent

Job Summary

Responsible for examining federal income tax returns to verify or correct tax liabilities. Determines if tax returns necessitate an independent field audit. Investigates financial transactions and operation methods to determine if they are in compliance with statutory provisions.

Primary Responsibilities

Ensure that governments obtain revenues from businesses and citizens.Ensure companies and individuals are following tax code and filing correct federal income tax returns.
  • Amend tax returns if discrepancies are found.
  • Conduct field audits to ensure compliance.
  • Collect overdue tax dollars.
  • Analyze bookkeeping and accounting records and scrutinize accounting methods.
  • Investigate documents, financial transactions, operation methods, industry practices and such legal instruments as vouchers, leases, contracts, and wills, to develop information regarding inclusiveness of accounting records and tax returns.
  • Secure taxpayer's agreement to discharge tax assessment or submits contested determination to other administrative or judicial conferees for appeals hearings.
  • Remain well versed in tax code.
  • Utilize computers to analyze data and identify trends that help to pinpoint tax offenders.
  • Perform office audits of financial records for business firms.
  • Contact taxpayers by mail or telephone to address discrepancies and to request supporting documentation.
  • Impose payment deadlines on delinquent taxpayers and monitor payments to ensure that deadlines are met.
  • Determine appropriate methods of debt settlement, such as offers of compromise, wage garnishment, or seizure and sale of property.
  • Direct service of legal documents, such as subpoenas, warrants, notices of assessment and garnishments.