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Risk Manager

Job Summary

Responsible for overseeing an organization’s insurance and risk management programs. Identify and evaluate risks, forecast operational threats, and recommend preventative measures.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Design and implement organizational risk management processes in an organization.
  • Establish the level of risk a company is willing to accept.
  • Identify both the external and internal risks that might impact an organization. 
  • Analyze risks to assess their potential impact on an organization.
  • Consider factors that include the likelihood of a risk occurring and its potential consequences.
  • Develop strategies to manage risks that reduce their likelihood and mitigate their impact.
  • Develop policies, train employees, and set up systems to monitor and report on risks.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s risk management strategies. 
  • Conduct audits and review incident reports; make adjustments to strategies as necessary.
  • Generate business continuity plans and impose health and safety measures.
  • Communicate with stakeholders about risks and proposed risk management strategies.