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Roofer Helper

Job Summary

Responsible for assisting roofers during the application or repair of roofing materials. Unloads materials, cleans off roof, applies roofing material, and cleans site after job is complete.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Unload materials from truck and unroll roofing material.
  • Ensure there is enough material for entire roof.
  • Lift roofing materials onto roof using pulleys or ladder.
  • Clear debris from roof.
  • Ensure tar is chopped and heated.
  • Scrape or pull off old roofing material.
  • Properly equip all roofers with safety equipment, scaffolding, and hoists.
  • Nail roofing paper and composition shingles into roof.
  • Apply layer of tar on roof.
  • Apply gravel, shingles, or asphalt over tar layer.
  • Cover roof with roofing felt, asphalt strips, or other materials.
  • Apply tile, slate, or composition materials to roof.
  • Locate and repair cracked tiles.
  • Fill in missing tiles.
  • Clear out gutters and drains.
  • Affix metal sheets to roof boards or frameworks.
  • Locate and fix leaks.
  • Repair damage caused from storms and high winds.
  • Nail tiles to roof boards and cover with roofing cement.