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Job Summary

Responsible for using a variety of techniques to mold and create aesthetically pleasing three-dimensional objects, including carving, shaping clay, whittling, or chiseling. Materials used in sculpting include stone, concrete, marble, bronze, gold, plaster, and wood.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Model three-dimensional substances including stone, marble, concrete, plaster, wood to create forms.
  • Use metalworking, welding, carving, whittling, chiseling, or shaping to construct artistic forms.
  • Utilize tools such as chisels, gouges, and mallets to create objects.
  • Cut and carve images out of blocks of wood, plaster or stone.
  • Reference lifelike or living models while creating object.
  • Refer to photographs or scenery for inspiration.
  • Incorporate sound, light and motion into the artwork
  • Use clay or wax to shape objects.
  • Cut, twist, laminate, secure, and fasten raw and manufactured materials.
  • Use finger or small hand tools to smooth out rough edges or carve details.
  • Cast substances in bronze or concrete.
  • Teach about sculpting techniques and mediums.
  • Reach out to galleries to exhibit work.
  • Showcase objects at trade shows.
  • Negotiate prices.
  • Form catalogues or portfolios to exhibit work.
  • Arrange to have sculptures shown in museums or universities.
  • Select materials for new projects.