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Job Summary

Responsible for cleansing hair in a beauty salon or barbershop. Applies shampoo, rubs scalp vigorously, rinses hair, and applies conditioner.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Greet client and direct them to shampooing station.
  • Arrange for towel to be placed on their neck to make them more comfortable.
  • Place protective garment over patron to keep their clothes dry.
  • Run water.
  • Test water to ensure it's not too hot or cold.
  • Wet client's hair thoroughly until hair is completely saturated.
  • Consult client to determine which shampoo is appropriate.
  • Select shampoo and apply generous amount to hair.
  • Work up lather by rubbing scalp vigorously.
  • Perform relaxing scalp massage.
  • Ensure shampoo gets into nape of neck to cleanse thoroughly.
  • Perform hand massage if necessary.
  • Turn on water again and completely rinse shampoo product from hair.
  • Repeat process if necessary.
  • Apply condition and work product from roots to tip.
  • Let conditioner sit on hair to penetrate cuticles.
  • Rinse conditioner thoroughly from hair.
  • Place towel over client's head and neck to sop up water.
  • Rub towel through hair to soak up water.
  • Direct client to appropriate chair for haircut.
  • Restock salon shelves with products.
  • Order products as needed.
  • Answer client's questions about hair maintenance.