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Tax Collector

Job Summary

Responsible for collecting on delinquent tax accounts, setting up repayment plans, administering penalties for default, and identifying repeat tax offenders.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Resolve and collect unpaid tax debts from individuals and businesses.
  • Issue subpoenas and request seizures of property on default accounts.
  • Conduct background and financial status checks.
  • Research the status of claims, liens, mortgages and other financial obligations.
  • Enforce liens to settle debts.
  • Garnish wages to collect taxes.
  • Assist delinquent tax filers set up debt repayment methods.
  • Maintain a detailed reporting of tax receivable.
  • Work with Tax Assessor in preparing and verifying commitment.
  • Attend to bank foreclosures, bankruptcy cases, and auctions of real property.
  • Organize, direct, and supervise the work of technical and clerical staff in secured and unsecured tax collections.
  • Resolve taxpayer complaints.
  • Prepare and direct tax sales.
  • Review penalty appeal applications and submits them with findings and recommendations pursuant to the tax code for determination.
  • Analyze tax data and prepare statistical reports.
  • Interview and participate in the selecting, hiring, coaching, supervising and evaluating the performance of subordinate staff.