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Tax Examiner

Job Summary

Responsible for examining tax-related documents, discovering, assessing, and collecting taxes, resolving tax return problems, and responding to taxpayer questions and concerns.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assess collection of various taxes.
  • Identify non-filers and delinquent taxpayers.
  • Analyze claims for accuracy for the individual to be granted a refund.
  • Review tax returns, applications, and records for completeness and accuracy.
  • Interpret tax forms, laws, and policies with taxpayers.
  • Request supporting documentation.
  • Apply federal and state tax codes.
  • Conduct independent audits.
  • Determine whether law allows tax credits and deductions.
  • Report any adjustments or corrections they make to the States.
  • Work independently and with minimal supervision.
  • Enter tax returns into computer system for processing.
  • Check taxpayers' math for accuracy and ensure amounts match other reporting sources.
  • Verify social security numbers match names.
  • Assist taxpayers with interpreting tax instructions.
  • Assess fees, interest, and penalties and submit difference to taxpayer.
  • Maintain records on each case.
  • Keep abreast of accounting procedures and tax code.