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Technical Director/Manager

Job Summary

Responsible for providing technical direction at a software company, film studio, theatrical company or television studio. Keeps production managers informed of budgets and executives specific technical projects.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide business decision-making and technical direction for a film, company, or studio.
  • Oversee technical aspects of production, such as programming shaders, developing character rigs and animation setups, performing complex simulation tasks and setting up the pipeline on how the data is passed from one stage in the film production to the next.
  • Utilize scripting languages such as Python, MEL, or MAXScript or shell scripting.
  • Develop custom tools to improve the artists' workflow.
  • Work on large programming projects.
  • Ensure technical equipment is functional and safe.
  • Oversee the overall organization of the technical production process.
  • Generate drawings for construction.
  • Estimate budgets and maintain accounts.
  • Research materials and set up purchasing.
  • Schedule and supervise building crews.
  • Handle conflicts.
  • Coordinate put-ins.
  • Organize cleanup for production.
  • Operate the video switcher and associated devices in television.
  • Switch video sources, perform live digital effects and transitions, and insert pre-recorded material, graphics and titles as instructed by the Director.
  • Operate production equipment or supervise operation.
  • Provide the director with guidance on crew assignments.
  • Responsible for the technical quality of the signal being recorded or broadcast.
  • Use measuring devices to ensure quality control.