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Ticket Taker

Job Summary

Responsible for greeting patrons, taking tickets, ushering, organizing seating, and showing patrons to exits during performances such as plays, movies, or concerts.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Greet patrons as they enter performance venue.
  • Check tickets for appropriate seating.
  • Direct patrons to seats, using flashlights if necessary.
  • Become familiar with various event layouts.
  • Show patrons where to find exits, bathrooms, and concession stands.
  • Answer various questions.
  • Ensure all patrons' needs are met.
  • Seat patrons in an orderly fashion.
  • Help eject disorderly or obnoxious patrons.
  • Distribute programs or event schedules.
  • Identify fraudulent tickets.
  • Take tickets and tear off portion for patron to keep.
  • Resolve seating disputes.
  • Remind patrons of no smoking rules and to turn off cell phones.
  • Break down advertising displays.
  • Set up merchandise booth.
  • Help people coming on and off elevators.
  • Sell beer, wine, water, juice, food, and other concessions.
  • Help parents find lost children.
  • Locate lost or missing articles.
  • Provide emergency instructions.
  • Ensure everyone adheres to safety rules.
  • Page individuals wanted at the box office.
  • Stamp hands or give door checks to those needing to leave early but wish to return.
  • Hold doors open for patrons as they exit.
  • Clean lobby and place debris in trash receptacles.
  • Count and record tickets as they are collected.