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Job Summary

Responsible for diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries in animals. Perform surgeries, treat wounds, and administer vaccines on pets and livestock.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Examine animals, including performing physical exams, taking X-rays, and ordering lab tests.Look for any signs of illness, disease, or injury in animals during visits. 
  • Spay and neuter dogs and cats, in addition to dressing wounds on injured animals.
  • Determine the cause of an animal’s symptoms and develop a treatment plan. 
  • Refer animals to specialists for further testing or treatment.
  • Prescribe medications, perform surgeries, and provide other forms of treatment. 
  • Offer palliative care in instances when the animal is suffering from a terminal illness.
  • Educate owners about how to care for their animals and recognize signs of illness or injury.
  • Give information to pet owners about proper nutrition, exercise, and preventive care. 
  • Keep accurate records of each animal, noting symptoms, diagnoses, and treatment plans. 
  • Identify illness and injury trends for a specific animal or among groups of animals.