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Waste Treatment Plant Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating waste treatment plants. Operates machinery that converts wastewater in drains and sewers into a form that's safe to release into the environment.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Control equipment and monitor processes that remove or destroy harmful materials, chemicals, and microorganisms from wastewater.
  • Run tests to make sure that the processes are working correctly.
  • Keep records of water quality and other indicators.
  • Operate and maintain the pumps and motors that move water and wastewater through filtration systems.
  • Monitor the indicators at their plants and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Read meters and gauges to make sure that plant equipment is working properly.
  • Take samples and run tests to determine the quality of the water being produced.
  • Adjust the amount of chemicals, such as chlorine and fluorine, being added to the water.
  • Use computerized systems to monitor plant processes.
  • Plan emergency reaction protocols.
  • Fix chemical leaks and oxygen deficiencies.
  • Keep records that document compliance.