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Art Director

Job Summary

Responsible for the creation and design of advertisements and print materials. Assists in interpreting client's vision for TV commercials, advertising, and photo shoots. Oversees entire process of advertisement design, including concept, creation, and production.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with copywriter and creative team to concept on advertising for clients and their products.
  • Determine most appropriate media for ad to appear in.
  • Create a rough layout using hand sketches or computers.
  • Work with client to achieve their vision.
  • Negotiate scope and fees of project.
  • Approve final drafts.
  • Use ad agency resources to produce final version of ad.
  • Touch up and correct ad if demanded by client.
  • Scale photographs and illustrations to the proper size and decide on the typeface.
  • Storyboard action and dialogue of ad.
  • Work with producer to handle budget and technical details.
  • Cast actors for voice overs and television roles in advertisements.
  • Procure external vendors to help with ad production.
  • Ensure client satisfaction during entire process.
  • Hire, train and direct staff members who develop design concepts into art layouts or who prepare layouts for printing.
  • Collaborate with creative directors.
  • Negotiate with printers and estimators to determine what services will be performed.