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Broadcast Technician

Job Summary

Responsible for setting up, installing, and monitoring equipment during radio and television programs. Ensures sound comes through at a high quality and operates transmitter to broadcast radio or TV programs.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Set up, operate, and maintain radio and television broadcast equipment.
  • Report problems and take in equipment for repairs.
  • Clean and store equipment.
  • Adjust the fidelity, brightness, and contrast of video transmissions, using video console control panels.
  • Record broadcast programs.
  • Align antennae with dishes to ensure clearest signal for broadcast transmission.
  • Monitor and adjust clarity, reliability, and strength of incoming and outgoing signals.
  • Log transmitter readings.
  • Regulate broadcast signals.
  • Design and modify equipment according to specifications.
  • Maintain antennas and cables.
  • Verify station is on-air.
  • Confer with station personnel to set audio and video levels.
  • Read television programming logs.
  • Prepare program schedules.
  • Select source, such as satellite or studio, from which program will be recorded.
  • Prepare reports on content concerning future programming events.
  • Ensure signal is functioning properly before scheduled program.
  • Train assistants on how to use production equipment.
  • Copy/edit graphics or sound onto videotape.
  • Maintain log for Federal Communications Commission.