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Job Summary

Responsible for gathering information, influencing opinions, and gauging the support and interest of others. Recite memorized scripts, obtain contact information and signatures, and present certain ideas, products, or services to large numbers of people.  

Primary Responsibilities

  • Go door to door in specified locations to talk to people about issues, candidates, or products.
  • Engage the public to solicit donations, market products, and disseminate or obtain information.
  • Articulate issues well, possess in-depth knowledge, and answer any questions that are asked.
  • Convince people to see a certain side of an issue or to view a candidate or policy positively.
  • Build a quick rapport with strangers and remain polite and respectful no matter their response.
  • Keep track of the people being contacted and record their support, opinions, or preferences.
  • Prepare and submit detailed reports and recruit, hire, train, and mentor new hires.
  • Obtain contact information and/or signatures from the general public.
  • Make phone calls to gauge support for an issue or candidate or to follow up with someone.
  • Meet daily, weekly, and monthly quotas as required by the employer.