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Carpet Installer

Job Summary

Responsible for measuring and prepping rooms for the installation of carpet. Prepares and exhibits samples for selection, rips up old flooring, and installs carpet in offices, homes, and buildings.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Lay floor coverings in buildings, offices, airports, homes, restaurants, and businesses.
  • Install carpet on walls and ceilings.
  • Measure rooms and draw up specifications for carpet.
  • Remove and dispose of old flooring.
  • Lay out samples for selection.
  • Fasten a tackless strip to the floor.
  • Install the padded cushion.
  • Roll out, measure, mark, and cut the carpet.
  • Position the carpet and stretch it to fit.
  • Cut off excess carpet and frays.
  • Use power stretcher to stretch carpet to fit walls.
  • Hook it to tackless strip.
  • Finish edges with wall trimmer.
  • Join carpet sections together for large rooms.
  • Join sections using heat-taped seams.
  • Glue or staple carpet to the floor.
  • Utilize carpet-laying tools such as carpet shears, knee kickers, wall trimmers, loop pile cutters, heat irons, and power stretchers.
  • Correct imperfections in carpet.
  • Rip of soiled sections of carpet and replace with new swatch.