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Chemical Equipment Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for controlling equipment to adjust chemical changes and reactions during the production process of products for the industrial and consumer space.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Operate reaction kettles, catalytic converters, continuous or batch treating equipment, saturator tanks, electrolytic cells, reactor vessels, recovery units, and fermentation chambers during chemical phase of manufacturing.
  • Determine product or ingredients for product.
  • Adjust flow of gases and chemicals through pipes.
  • Set timing devices such as gauges, analyzers, and thermostats.
  • Regulate temperate, pressure, and time during reactions.
  • Open and shut valves.
  • Operate pumps to drain or receive materials, chemicals, and treating agents.
  • Start reactors, agitators, or blowers.
  • Automatically feed materials and chemicals.
  • Monitor gauges and flowmeters.
  • Mix and add chemicals according to prescribed formulas.
  • Record data such as processing time, results, temperature, and pressure.
  • Take samples for analysis.
  • Inspect equipment for leaks and other malfunctions.
  • Test equipment.
  • Analyze sample for specific gravity, chemical characteristics, pH level, concentration, or viscosity.
  • Clean and sterilize equipment.
  • Unload and set up materials.
  • Operate heaters, scrubbers, filters, or driers.