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Credit Checker

Job Summary

Responsible for receiving and processing credit information in order to get an accurate snapshot of a person's financial status. Approves or disapproves credit applications based on credit score and other determining factors such as debts owed, income, liens, judgments, and credit history.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Compile information from credit applicant to process credit applications.
  • Investigate various factors, including amount of income, mortgages, credit history, liens, judgments and debts owed to determine approval.
  • Contact former employers and other references to back up financial data.
  • Verify residence by checking out city directories and public records.
  • Examine public records to uncover bankruptcies, liens, arrest record, or unpaid taxes of applicants.
  • Work with credit bureaus to obtain additional information.
  • Inform credit applicants of their rights, including their right to obtain a copy of their credit report if denied.
  • Prepare and compile reports.
  • Notify applicant of credit status.
  • Decide amount of credit that can be extended.
  • Investigate business establishments applying for credit.
  • Provide reasons for why credit was declined.
  • Make final recommendations.
  • Close cases as needed.