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Job Summary

Responsible for demonstrating the features of a product to an audience. Shows how product works, takes questions, and attempts to persuade consumers to buy product.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate product to customers on a TV show, at a store, during a festival, or another venue.
  • Show how product is used.
  • Demonstrate recipes if necessary.
  • Show how product should be cleaned and properly stored.
  • Use graphics and slideshows during presentation.
  • Answer questions about product.
  • Discuss pricing tiers with customers.
  • Give product samples.
  • Cook, slice, and serve product.
  • Visit customer's home to demonstrate product.
  • Set up booths, including pictures and samples.
  • Conduct guided tours.
  • Train other demonstrators.
  • Tell customers why product is better than competitors.
  • Suggest specific product purchases.
  • Visit trade shows to demonstrate product.
  • Collect fees or donations.
  • Contact businesses and arrange for demonstrations or exhibitions.
  • Transport and assemble materials.
  • Recommend product improvements to maker.
  • Improvise product demonstrations depending on audience size and attention span.
  • Produce coupons and informational brochures.
  • Wear proper customers or sign boards.
  • Walk around store offering samples to customers.
  • Clean up area after demonstration.