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Direct Marketer

Job Summary

Responsible for promoting services and products to potential customers and up-selling or renewing existing customers.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Promote products or services to potential customers.
  • Increase sales by enhancing the exposure of products.
  • Go door-to-door, make cold calls, or email customers to persuade them to buy products.
  • Offer free gifts, discounts, incentives, coupons, vouchers, or tokens to convince customers.
  • Design in-store displays, special events, direct mailings and advertising campaigns.
  • Set price list.
  • Negotiate fees and prices with customers.
  • Ensure products arrive on time.
  • Meet with clients to discuss products.
  • Devise new marketing ideas.
  • Ensure products are manufactured within budget.
  • Perform extensive market research.
  • Visit competitors to gain an advantage.
  • Craft marketing messages for a targeted group of individuals.
  • Include persuasive 'call-to-actions' in advertisements and promotions.
  • Place orders for products.
  • Design and write press releases.
  • Track and analyze direct and interactive marketing campaigns.
  • Use statistical analysis and reports to create campaigns.
  • Coordinate and monitor the maintenance, integrity, and security of several databases.
  • Develop and code the list segmentation for all direct and interactive marketing campaigns and communicate requirements to the primary database vendor.
  • Execute segmentation around brand plans.
  • Perform data extraction and lead generation.
  • Evaluate and optimize effectiveness of marketing campaigns.