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Job Summary

Responsible for taking a script and making it come to life in either television, movies, or theater. Use vision and creativity to direct the action and words of actors.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Act as primary force behind movie, television, and theater direction.
  • Make creative decisions regarding what types of technology, techniques and camera angles to employ.
  • Make artistic decisions on set during production.
  • Participate in the casting of actors.
  • Choose location for film, commercial, or television show to be shot.
  • Read and interpret scripts.
  • Decide on day-to-day shooting schedule.
  • Plan shots and storyboard.
  • Consult with producers.
  • Raise money to fund film production.
  • Create budgets and adhere to budget limitations during shooting.
  • Advise and coach actors.
  • Instruct cameraman and women on angles and where to shoot.
  • Watch rushes for errors and weak spots in film.
  • Reshoot scenes that aren't up to standard.
  • Participate in editing.
  • Work closely with scene, costume, and lighting directors.