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Food Batchmaker

Job Summary

Responsible for setting up, operating, and tending equipment that blends, mixes, and cooks ingredients during the manufacturing process of food products. Reads instructions and prepares products according to prescribed formulas.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Mix, blend, and prepare food products for manufacture.
  • Read and interpret formulas.
  • Ensure all ingredients have been compiled.
  • Clean and sanitize utensils and work surfaces.
  • Clean and prepare equipment.
  • Operate levers on equipment.
  • Read and interpret gauges and temperature levels.
  • Record results.
  • Test data for each food batch.
  • Determine if mixing chamber temperature is within prescribed limit.
  • Sterilize vats.
  • Test equipment for possible malfunctions.
  • Check for leaks, clogs, and plugging issues.
  • Taste food for consistency.
  • Use paddles and agitators to mix food.
  • Follow recipes.
  • Test products for specified flavor, texture, clarity, and bouquet.
  • Check food for proper color.
  • Select, weigh, and pour ingredients.
  • Determine mixing sequences.
  • Fill kettles, rotating cookers, pressure cookers, or vats with ingredients.
  • Homogenize food products.
  • Add ingredients to prevent separation.
  • Test food product samples for moisture content, acidity level, specific gravity, and/or butter-fat content.