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Graduate Teaching Assistant

Job Summary

Responsible for performing teaching or teaching-related duties to assist faculty members, professors, department heads and other faculty. Proctors exams, grades tests and homework, and records grades in grade book. Assigns material in class as needed.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist faculty members with classroom instruction, exams, record keeping, and other miscellaneous projects.
  • Tutor or mentor students.
  • Perform laboratory research.
  • Clean labs and set up or remove specimens.
  • Obtain materials needed for classes, including texts and other materials.
  • Prepare presentations for lectures.
  • Deliver lectures.
  • Hand out assignments and grade papers.
  • Proctor examinations.
  • Record grades and inform students of their final grades.
  • Arrange for teaching observations.
  • Meet with students during office hours.
  • Help professors and teachers develop course plans.
  • Assist with student conferences.
  • Lead discussion sections.
  • Teach undergraduate courses.
  • Create and write materials such as a syllabus, visual aids, answer keys, supplementary notes, and course websites.
  • Correspond with students on Blackboard or related inter-campus communication system.
  • Provide librarians with assistance cataloguing or displaying collections.
  • Enforce laboratory rules.
  • Take attendance and record responses.
  • Record lecture given by professor.