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Materials Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for developing and testing materials that are used to create various kinds of products. Examples of products include jet skis, crafts, computer chips, and product packaging. Selects, creates, and studies material.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with a wide variety of materials, including metals, ceramics, plastics, semiconductors, and composites, and create new materials.
  • Process and test materials to create a range of products used in everyday living.
  • Select materials for new applications.
  • Study and analyze materials at an atomic level to discover their properties.
  • Use advanced processes to replicate the characteristics of materials.
  • Modify materials in different ways to improve the performance.
  • Test durability.
  • Evaluate cost-effectiveness of materials.
  • Research raw materials and the possibilities for finished products.
  • Assess if materials are resistant they are to heat, corrosion or chemicals.
  • Test materials for electrical conductivity and renewability.
  • Advise others on most efficient materials to purchase.
  • Supervise quality control.
  • Monitor material reactions at plants.
  • Help solve problems in the manufacturing process that arise with the use of different materials.
  • Ensure products comply with national and international legal and quality standards.
  • Make recommendations on materials that use less energy.