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Job Summary

Responsible for being in charge of the exterior crew on a marine vessel. Takes orders from captain and ensure exterior yacht is cleaned, repaired, and maintained.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist in navigating and maneuvering vessel.
  • Cleans and maintains vessel.
  • Assigns crew to tasks.
  • Supervises and performs routine shipboard maintenance as required.
  • Launch and recover submersibles.
  • Carry out captain's orders.
  • Work with chefs, stewards, engineers, and deckhands.
  • Act as second in command if captain is incapacitated.
  • Plan the day's work and activities.
  • Solve problems that come up.
  • Maintain deck log.
  • Run safety drills.
  • Train, direct, and supervise personnel in ship's maintenance duties in all activities relating to marlinspike, deck, boat seamanship, painting, upkeep of ship's external structure, rigging, deck equipment, and boats.
  • Act as petty officer-in-charge of picket boats, self-propelled barges, tugs, and other yard and district craft.