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Media Director

Job Summary

Responsible for managing the media department, including media buying and planning initiatives. Devises plans for media buying, places ads, and ensures ad buying stays within budget.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Attend strategy meetings and brainstorm on media buying initiatives and suggestions.
  • Discuss projects with clients.
  • Manage media department.
  • Train and supervise media department employees.
  • Coordinate launch of media campaigns with marketing, communications, and sales departments.
  • Decide how best way to communicate message.
  • Keep abreast of industry figures, including distribution and audience figures.
  • Monitor buying strategies.
  • Monitor and optimize effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Build relationships with media sales companies.
  • Negotiate rates with media sales companies to obtain most competitive prices.
  • Find a combination of media that will enable the marketer to communicate the message.
  • Buy advertising space in magazines or newspapers.
  • Purchase advertising time on radio.
  • Collect information about the kinds of audiences that can be reached by the different media and the approximate size of those audiences.
  • Use a combination of several different kinds of media to reach different audiences.
  • Gain client approval for each campaign phase.
  • Work with media sales workers employed by newspapers, magazines, cable services, and radio and television stations.
  • Track down and buy space in print publications or television markets.
  • Resell space to advertising agencies.
  • Recommend which days and times ads should run.