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Research Assistant

Job Summary

"Perform extensive research to aid in a company's decision-making process or to supplant a project or presentation.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Perform research on market trends using credible sources.
  • Compile research documents.
  • Hold focus groups and document the results.
  • Assess needs of client.
  • Exhibit the results of research in presentation format.
  • Perform data entry and manage research databases.
  • Prepare programs for data entry and statistical analysis.
  • Obtain consent forms if using test subjects.
  • Deliver surveys and calculate results.
  • Handle reimbursements.
  • Check to ensure necessary research materials have been purchased.
  • Follow up on studies that have been conducted.
  • Perform assays to support research studies.
  • Assist in the collection, analysis and review of experimental data for publication and presentation.
  • Conduct routine and standardized experiments in a controlled setting.
  • Participate in improvement programs.
  • Provide research results to help decision-making process within company or for client exploration and marketing purposes.
  • Plan, conduct, and complete various investigations.
  • Assist with the writing and editing of experimental results for publication in journals.
  • Perform routine data analysis and verify and corrects data entry.