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Sales Coordinator

Job Summary

Responsible for keeping the sales team within a company organized. Manage scheduling, oversee filing systems, and perform administrative tasks.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Facilitate the overall flow of an organization’s services or products to its consumers.
  • Support the sales team by communicating information and organizing sales documents.
  • Maintain relationships with clients and pass their feedback along to upper management.
  • Create and implement sales strategies, identify team shortcomings, and suggest improvements. 
  • Track sales data and metrics and prepare reports for the sales team and senior leadership.
  • Assign quotas and territories to members of the sales team and monitor their progress.
  • Ensure that sales-related materials, equipment, and marketing collateral are adequate.
  • Prepare promotional and sales presentation materials and help plan and organize sales events.
  • Provide after-sales support to customers when needed and respond to complaints.
  • Coordinate training for sales team members.