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Job Summary

Responsible for protecting the lives of citizens and property by patrolling an area to uncover suspicious or illegal activity. Arrests criminals, assists motorists during accidents, and enforces traffic laws.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Patrol assigned area and watch for suspicious activity.
  • Arrest people for suspected crimes, including burglary, theft, drugs, larceny, homicide, and sexual crimes.
  • Solve emergency and routine incidents.
  • Conduct preliminary and follow-up investigations.
  • Gather and bag evidence at crime scenes.
  • Patrol buildings and ensure they are secure.
  • Apprehend suspects who flee.
  • Search vehicles for drugs or paraphernalia.
  • Perform sobriety tests on those suspect of driving under the influence.
  • Pull over speeding vehicles and issue citations.
  • Interview victims and complainants.
  • Prepare reports of arrests and file paperwork.
  • Serve warrants and subpoenas.
  • Search houses and other properties for evidence.
  • Assist local fire departments and emergency medical technicians.
  • Perform search and rescue operations.
  • Search for missing persons.
  • Contact and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in matters relating to the investigation of crimes and the apprehension of offenders.
  • Conduct public information sessions on law enforcement matters.
  • Provide security in county courts.
  • Issue citations and warnings.