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Subway Operator

Job Summary

Responsible for operating a subway in suburban or urban areas. Transports passengers from one place to another.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Transport passengers on a subway.
  • Drive trains that run on separate tracks that may be underground or above ground.
  • Observe signals on the track that indicate when they are supposed to start, stop, or slow down.
  • Watch for people or debris on tracks.
  • Make announcements, such as the stop, final destination, or delays.
  • Control the vehicle’s speed based on regulations for the section of track on which they are operating.
  • Open and close vehicle doors at scheduled stops.
  • Watch to make sure all passengers get on and off the vehicle safely.
  • Help disabled passengers off car.
  • Communicate with dispatchers to report or be informed of delays or other problems.
  • Listen for warnings about dangerous weather conditions.
  • Report delays.
  • Ensure the safe evacuation of passengers during a breakdown or emergency situation.
  • Operate computer to control speed.
  • Drive train manually in case of an emergency.