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Surgical Technician

Job Summary

Responsible for assisting surgeons and nurses during surgery. Prepare operating rooms and patients for surgery, pass surgical instruments to the operating team, and sterilize surgical equipment. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work alongside surgeons, nurses, and other medical staff during surgical procedures.
  • Ensure the operating room is clean and sterile and that all necessary equipment is available.
  • Transport patients to the operating room and position them on the operating table.
  • Sterilize, count, and organize instruments and hand them and other supplies to the surgeon.
  • Operate surgical equipment like robots and lasers while keeping everything in the area sterile.
  • Dispose of items like gauze and needles at the completion of operating procedures.
  • Count all the surgical tools at the end of the surgery to make sure none were left in the patient.
  • Help move patients to the recovery room and potentially suture and apply dressings to incisions.