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Urban Planning Engineer

Job Summary

Responsible for devising programs and plans regarding land use in towns, cities, and counties. Designs policies affecting land use, zoning, public utilities, and transportation. Evaluates environmental impact construction plans may have on land and provides recommendations.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Formulate plans dealing with how to use land in cities, towns, and counties.
  • Determine how to use land for homes, businesses, and recreation.
  • Renovate blighted areas.
  • Devise ways to cover graffiti.
  • Modernize transportation systems.
  • Revitalize schools and parks.
  • Participate in the planning and building of public facilities.
  • Entice industries to relocate or build within a city or town.
  • Design entire communities, including subdivisions and neighborhoods.
  • Devise plans to expand existing cities.
  • Plan roadways.
  • Renovate rundown areas.
  • Gather and analyze economic and social information surrounding a region.
  • Consider projected population growth or decline.
  • Meet with government agencies, developers, architects, community groups, and businesses to develop urban projects.
  • Determine how electrical power can be generated.
  • Devise environmentally safe methods for generating power.
  • Develop ways to reduce pollution.
  • Draw up proposals and submit to planning commissions.
  • Supervise construction or renovation.
  • Factor in zoning codes, building codes, or environmental regulations when developing plans.
  • Address issues regarding land use or community plans.
  • Mediate community disputes.
  • Advise officials on budgets and project feasibility.