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Welder & Cutter

Job Summary

Responsible for permanently joining metal parts using high heat application to form a permanent bond. May specialize in one of hundreds of different processes of welding to join metals together.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Use electrical currents to create heat and bond metals.
  • Join beams in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures and to join pipes in pipelines, power plants, and refineries.
  • Weld materials such as steel and titanium.
  • Use a rod and heat to join metals.
  • Operate welding machine that feeds wire to bond materials.
  • Use molten metal to join two pieces of metal.
  • Connect copper plumbing pipes and thinner metals.
  • Plan work by interpreting blueprints.
  • Determine welding position and type of metal to be fused.
  • Select and set up welding equipment.
  • Ensure welds meat standards and specifications.
  • Supervise machines or robots that perform automated welding tasks.
  • Load parts correctly and monitor machine constantly.
  • Use heat from an electric arc to cut and trim metal objects.
  • Dismantle large objects such as ships and aircraft.