What is diversity recruiting?

What is diversity recruiting?

Diversity recruiting is the act of specifically seeking out job candidates who are from diverse backgrounds to fill open positions within a company.  

In relation to the workforce, the term diversity was used as a code word for “people of color” or in other words, those who were of African American, Asian American, or Hispanic descent. For the sake of inclusion, a more modern take on the idea of diversity has been adopted. This modern definition now encompasses other underrepresented groups, such as veterans, women, and individuals from the LGBT community. This change in definition is a reflection of the tumultuous history surrounding diverse populations in the workforce.

For many employers, now the term diversity has grown solely from ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation to a more holistic view that takes into account one’s culture, experiences, background, values, and perspective on the world.  These traits are what make people “diverse”, and the savviest employers are looking for people with creativity and unique ways of thinking based on such traits.

Cherise Tolbert

Cherise Tolbert enjoys being an influencer for DiversityJobs.com and LatPro.com, both part of a network of award winning employment websites working to connect talented job seekers with employers who value diversity. She has written articles for countless top-ranking employment-related blogs including CareerMetis, Latino LA, The Voice of Jobseekers, CareerPivot, and Hispanic Trending. Cherise has her Master’s in Media Studies from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and a B.S. in Public Communications with a minor in Community and International Development from The University of Vermont. She has worked in communications for almost a decade including in higher education and non-profits and owns her own Communications company Arivida Systems. She also is a collegiate adjunct instructor teaching courses in Mass Media, Digital Culture, and Professional Writing.

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  • Diversity in the workplace is EXTREMELY important for the growth and future of the company. Take for instance, if you had 4 employees from 4 different corners of the earth, you could have 4 different perspectives on how to collaborate a special project that needs to be completed. I believe a “well rounded” company should have a little bit of “everyone” connected to it. This includes nationalities, origins, race, and languages to reach the world and make that company a top competitor in their field of business.

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